Thinking of wearing wig or a hair piece


Thinking of wearing wig or a hair piece ?


While many people would think that hair pieces are worn for matters of aesthetics, hair pieces may be worn by men and women for a variety of medical reasons, too. Although there may be numerous reasons for wearing a hair piece, it is important to note that proper care and attention are needed to achieve a more natural look that does not make the wearer seem conspicuous.

Given my years of experience as an industry professional & consultant, I have often found that some individuals select unflattering hair pieces or hair extensions that are not only uncomfortable but look overpowering. These observations became evident in my career after a number of clients sought my services and advice on this issue. In turn, I became aware of the need for professional advice on this topic in this industry. In my opinion, it is best to thoroughly review the options, discuss methods of installation, and provide proper instruction on necessary care with clients to ensure that he or she is capable of feeling equally confident and comfortable at the time of selecting a piece. Furthermore, given the assortment of materials used to create hair pieces, these guidelines are especially critical to ensure the least amount of shaping or maintenance.



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